About us

Alba Hurlé & Alicia Martín Cousi Interiorismo

“Interior design is a fine art evolving with time, experience and the development of new ideas”

Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martin established their own company in 2010, after working together in an architecture firm.

Alicia was born in Paris, grew up in Biarritz and currently lives in Madrid. She studied at L’école De Condé Bordeaux and pursued her education further with a degree in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Alba is from Madrid, lived in London for many years, and studied Law and Business Administration. Alba decided to change her career path from banking and financial sector audit to interior design. To this end, Alba undertook a number of courses related to interior design in well reputed schools, including (but not limited to) the Instituto Europeo Design.

In 2011, Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martín designed their first restaurant for Grupo Paraguas: Ten con Ten. This project allowed them to create their personal brand in interior design, as well as introduce a new concept in Madrid’s restaurant industry.

Their designs are filled with personality and receptiveness, combined with a constant evolution of ideas where they explore and experiment with materials, textures, colours and geometries, leading to a sophisticated mix of contemporary and classic styles.

They are experts in conducting an in-depth analysis of the space to be designed, in order to arrive to the most suitable floor plan configuration.  They always strive to reach a perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

Due to their professional trajectory of designing award-winning restaurants and other culinary projects, they have been contacted to develop restaurants and residential projects all over the globe. They have worked in projects in Mexico, USA, Casablanca, Switzerland, Colombia and Bahamas, inter alia.